Department for Communities

The Five Cs Public Consultation

Wednesday 30 September to Tuesday 22 December 2020 at 5pm

Chichester Street

Granite paving palette extended along the full length of Chichester Street to tie in areas previously completed at Donegall Square North and the Victoria Square frontage along Chichester Street to provide visual connection and continuity.

Car parking rationalised to allow footpaths widths to be increased to maximise the pedestrian experience and introduce Streetscape Hubs containing seating, planting, feature lighting and smart features.

These hubs will have a linear street furniture arrangement to keep elements out of the main pedestrian corridors and avoid potential hazards for a wide variety of users. Creation of new integrated loading bays that extend footpath widths for pedestrians when not in use as loading bays to maximise the streetscape for pedestrians. Extending foot-ways across Upper Arthur Street and Montgomery Street junctions to remove vehicle traffic and extend the area of streetscape available for social and commercial activity. New street-lighting on decorative columns to tie Chichester Street in with the Belfast Streets Ahead Programme.


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Chichester Street (South Side)

Callender Street & Chichester Street (North Side)

Chichester Street (South Side)

Chichester Street (South Side)

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